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Artlip - see Thomas

Baker - Looking for (?) BAKER b. Germany. Married Emmeline HOFFMAN b.1836 in Berlin Germany. Immigrated to USA in 1850,then to Johnson County Kansas. They had four children all born in Olathe. George b.1856, Ida b.1857, Emma b.1859, and Louis b.1860. This BAKER was pulled from the family home and shot by renegades after the Civil War (abt.1865). Wife and children moved to Colorado. Seeking any information on this family prior to 1870. Laurie Daugherty Mon Jun 23 00:19:12 1997

Baldwin - Looking for information on Henry Baldwin Died in Miami Co. 1907 wife Margaret ( Widener) Baldwin Died in miami Co. 1911. Laura Baldwin - Joyce Wilson

Baucom - Looking for information on Harry E. Baucom, born 1870, and Samuel E. Baucom, born 1873 at Olathe,Johnson,Kansas. They were the sons of Lee Baucom and Sarah Jane Williams. Other members of the family not born in Kansas are Martha Ann,born April 22, 1859, John F.,born 1864,and Robert R.,born march 24,1867. My great grandmother Martha Ann Baucom married William Franklin Wright and had children-Anna,Rosella,John,Ida,George,Bertha, Charles,Nora,Richard, and Ruth. Related families are Bingham,Vasteen,Loyd,Agnes,Harsen,Lee, Galbraith,Stephens,McDowell, and Arnold. Hoping someone can help.Thanks Bill Stephens cobbwebb@mail.gte.net Bill Stephens Wed Mar 26 20:53:14 1997

Baugh - see Jackson

Berryman - Barb Kidwell

Blalock - see Hiddleston

Block - see Kahle

Boulware (Bowler, Bollar, Boller, Bowlware) - see Sharp

Bounds - see White

Bridges - See Clark

Brown - seeking any info. on the william w. & edith e. BROWN family of Johnson Co. Ky. that moved to Johnson Co. Kans. in the late 1860s. are they recorded in any way in Johnson Co. along with the following children: 1 Lafayette 2. Christopher C. 3 Georgian (f) 4. Leander C. 5. Jefferson Davis 6. Wm. w. 7. Andrew Jackson 8. John...do not know what township they lived. william & edith BROWN died and are buried in Ok.. Edith in 1898 an william in 1901. Andrew Jackson is my Gfather he died 1951 is buried Summit, Utah...outside of A. J. nothing is known of the rest of the children. a family story is that several son became prominent in Johnson Co. in their later years, while the rest moved on to unknown parts. any info. no matter how minute would be of help. just by chance there is a BROWN desc. or someone with access to records of any kind that can steer me in a direction to take.. Jeb Brown Sat Sep 6 15:09:18 1997

Brunner - see Lanker

Buckman - Elsa Limbocker elim@feist.com

Bugbee - see Skinner

Canfield - see Chatham

Carter - see Clark

Casad - Information that I have says that Issac and Mary Casad were living in Johnson Co. Ks. in 1886. I would appreciate any information pertaining to this family. Nathalie Campbell Patton NathPatt@aol.com

Chatham - Searching for CHATHAM surname. Christopher CHATHAM, born 1820 in Virginia, his known children are Matilda Chatham Canfield, James Johnston Chatham, Thomas J. Chatham, Sarah C. Chatham, Rosina Chatham, Charles Chatham, and Robert Chatham. It is possible there is one other child. His wife could be Susan Lawson, Lucy Ross or Elizabeth Cohea. Debbie Chatham Fri Aug 29, 1997 Chesney - Any information on Chesney, Mize, Dubois, Evans families in Chase, Rooks, Leavenworth, Johnson Counties. Linda Morgan Clark Sat Apr 12 06:37:28 1997

Clark - I have a (Eva) Mae Clark, Married a Rudolph Carter of Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas then a Dave Harris they lived in Corning, Nemaha County, Kansas. Mae was born in Havensville Pottawamie County, Kansas. Her parents were Joseph Newell Clark & Mary Belle Fulton. Brothers Ora(1874-1963), Asa (1873-1934) and Ray(brn around 1889). Sisters Icy(Lederer) Goldie or Golda (Harris or Harries). Asa wife was Helen. Rays wife was Viola. Oras wife Edith. Jospeh had a least 2 brothers Edward and Arthur. Joseph Sister Rebecca. - Heather Kujawski

Clark - I am searching for any and all information on Truman CLARK and his wife Mary GORESLINE CLARK, both are buried in the Gardner Cemetary, they apparently married in Gardner. Mary had three boys from a first marriage, and I would very much like to know about her life here in Kansas. Linda Beauchamp Mon Mar 10 22:10:21 1997

Clark - Looking for anyone who would know what happened to Mary Ann CLARKE who was born in Johnson County (Mirriam?) sometime between 1915-1925. She reportedly married a man named BRIDGES in Wyandotte County in early 1940's and had a daughter and a son. Son was named Daniel A. BRIDGES. Husband may have left family in 1950's. Looking for parents, brothers, sisters, etc. of Mary Ann CLARKE as they supposedly stayed in Johnson County. Any help would be appreciated. Steven A. Bridges Tue Apr 8 12:04:35 1997


Cocoran - see Earnshaw

Cohea - see Chatham

Davidson/Tomlinson - Mary Elizabeth TOMLINSON b. 9 Jul 1871 in Johnson Co. KS married first a man named DAVIDSON. She had a dau. Beulah Davidson who m. an EARNSHAW. They had at least one child, an Ester Earnshaw. Is anyone researching these families? Carol Williams

Dripps - Need family information for James DRIPPS, wife Elizabeth (JOHNSON). Farmed in Johnson County, 13 years near Kingsville. Aprox 1866-1879. Then he moved to Jackson County and purchased a farm in Prairie Township. 2. marriage to Martha J. SKILES, b. Washington Co., Pa. Allen W. Dripps Mon Jun 23 18:12:41 1997

Dubois - see Chesney

Earnshaw - Looking for information on Benjamin F Earnshaw married to Bridget A Cocoran. Born 1836 Dodworth, England, died 1895 at Shawnee KS. Came to KS in 1857 from Batavia, Kane Co., IL. Bridget Cocoran born County Cork, Ireland 1839, daughter of Thomas Cocoran. Sister Margaret Cocoran married Ben's brother, Edwin Earnshaw. Benjamin was the son of Nathaniel Earnshaw and Harriet Walker. Thank you for your help. - Jane McCallister

Earnshaw - see Jackson

Earnshaw - see Davidson

Evans - see Chesney

Frampton - see Thomas

French - see Hodges

Frye - see Lanker

Fulton - see Clark

Gay - see Thorne

Gilstrap - see Klein

Godsey - see White

Goresline - see Clark

Gue - I am looking for information on the SYCAMORE MINERAL SPRINGS which was a summer resort in abt. 1889. It supposedly was located in Johnson Co. and owned and operated by Francis Asbury GUE. Jane Nelson Fri Apr 4 09:58:24 1997

Harris - see Clark

Hiddleston - Johnson County: Hiddleston/Blalock/Zeigler I am trying to locate the Joseph Hiddleston (1798-1874). I read that it had been passed to Joseph's daughter Bertha Hiddleston Blalock then to her daughter Hazel Blalock Zeigler. Hazel was in Desoto, Kansas in 1956. I have no more info on her. Does anyone know of her or any of her descendants? I desperately need info from that bible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Mary Heddleson Clark

Hill - John Hill family data

Hills - see Prebble

Hoffman - see Baker

Hollis - see Temple

Jackson - JACKSON/VAN HERCKE Looking for information on Andrew Jackson born 1850 near St Louis IL married Lucy Van Hercke, born 1854, buried Shawnee, Johnson Co KS. Children Mary Jane Jackson mar. Ben Earnshaw, Minnie mar. Ezra Gilstrap, Alice, never married, Lizzy mar. Charles Baugh & Emma mar. Ed Klein Jane McCallister Tue Aug 12 15:25:54 1997

Johnson - see Dripps

Johnson - see Thomas

Hodges - LINN, FRENCH, HODGES. Looking for information on the marriage of John Hodges to Mrs. Nancy J. Linn in 1846. What was Mrs. Linn's maiden name? Was it possibly FRENCH? Mrs. Nancy J. Linn Hodges d 8 Sep 1900 and is buried in Monticello Cemetery, Johnson County KS. John A. Hodges d 10 Mar 1901 and is also buried in Monticello Cemetery. Also looking for the parents of John A. Hodges. Thank you for responding to my query. Nancy Post Wed Aug 27 05:44:53 1997

Kahle - My Great-Grandfather Block had a sister Maria who married Henry Kahle. The Kahle family moved to Lawrence, KS around the 1880's. We lost touch with this sister and would like to find descendants and records of this family. If you have any information on the name Kahle, please contact me. Would be willing to share information. Henry Kahle Born about 1844 in Hannover, Germany Maria Block Kahle Born Dec 28, 1844 in Husum, Hannover, Germany. Children: Frederick William Kahle B: March 12, 1874, Henry August Kahle B: July 29, 1878, Louise Dorothea Maria Kahle B: August 15, 1885 We do know that Maria died in January of 1918. John Block Sun May 4 19:04:04 1997

Kane - I am looking for any information I can find on the last name of Kane, last known person was Susan C. Kane who resided in wyandotte co., and possibly Johnson county. Jeff Wrobel Wed Sep 3 21:30:39 1997

Klein - see Jackson

Landis - I am looking for any information on the Landis family of Johnson County. I have the Felix Landis Line and am willing to share. Stacie Morr Fri Jun 27 08:22:30 1997

Lanker - I am looking for information on John LANKER who was born in Retobel,ct Appenzel, Switzerland on 6-17-1872. He immigrated to the US sometime between 1872 and 1903. He resided in Johnson Co, Kansas with his wife, Anna FRYE BRUNNER LANKER, from around 1944 until his death on 3-3-1964. He is buried in Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens, Olathe, KS. S. Joan Miley Sun Apr 13 16:41:17 1997

Lawson - see Chatham

Lederer - see Clark

Leming - Avery R. and Sarah Ann LEMING, but also would like to hear from anyone researching the LEMING surname. Lois Wessel swfilms@execpc.com 13 Aug 1997

Linn - see Hodges

McCallister - see Savage

Michaels - MICHAELS, Ruby DOB 11-12-17, Coffeyville, Montgomery County, KS. parents names unknown, father DOB approx 1875, mother DOB approx 1883. Ruby has a sister DOB approx 1915/16. Mother was ardent Christian Scientist, a practitioner and did some Christian Science nursing. Mother and father separated approx 1929. Mother and daughters moved to Kansas City, Johnson County, KS approx 1933/34. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Earle Barnes Fri Jul 25 20:15:59 1997

Mize - see Chesney

Musselwhite - Jesse A. Musselwhite married Betsey A. Valyer in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas on 27 Sep 1868. Any information on either line? Richard Alan Nelson Mon Mar 24 15:32:49 1997

NEWTON, John Ruben (M.D.) served as a physician in Kansas City and in Olathe. He lived in Olathe, across from the school for the deaf, for many years. He died in Norfolk, Va (1954?) and was buried in Olathe. Seeking any information on him, his wife Laura DANA NEWTON (died in Colorado after 1959, buried in Olathe, Johnson County, KS), or their son Ruben NEWTON (who died rescuing young ladies in an overturned boat at a church picnic near Olathe 1920's), buried in Olathe. Thank you. Anne Newton chirho@velocity.net

Odor - see Savage

Paul - see Temple

Prebble - PREBBLE and HILLS--Egerton Prebble and Susan Hills Prebble moved to Irving, Kansas, in 1872. EgertonAEs brother and family also settled in the area. Any information on these families? Richard Alan Nelson Mon Mar 24 15:32:49 1997

Rippeto - I'd like to find some one who knows anything about Linwood Pioneer Cemetary. It's not anywhere close to present day Linwood. There must have been some little community in the area. I'm trying to track down my RIPPETO's and the only other ones are in Harrisonville, MO. Obviously the RIPPETO's at the Linwood Pioneer cemetary suffered a lot of children dying young. I'd like to find out who survived. Bud Marks

Ross - see Chatham

Rowland - ROWLAND, Lowell and Lizzie lived in Olathe, Ks. for @ 50 years. Lowell was born 1871 in Hillsdale, Lizzie was born 1873 in Gardner, Ks.. Both are buried in the Edgerton Cemetery. Looking for information on their descendants. mailto:bhpcap@swbell.net 30 Oct 1997

Savage - looking for relatives of William Elford SAVAGE m. Minnie Thomas ODOR ca. 1900. His dob ca 1878,dod 1962 both occurances in Johnson Co. Minnie born Martin City MO ca 1880 and died ca 1964 in Johnson Co. Parents of William are Peter Savage and Mary McCallister. - Glenn McAnarney Tue Feb 25, 1997

Sharp - Seeking info on SHARP & BOULWARE (BOWLER, BOLLAR, BOLLER, BOWLWARE) families of JOHNSON CO, KS. All responses will be answered. - Sue (Howard) Wilkerson

Skiles - see Dripps

Skinner - Johnson County-Looking for information about Juliet (BUGBEE) SKINNER who was married to Joseph Skinner and died in Olathe, Kansas on April 14, 1867. Joseph then married Juliett's sister Lydia who was the widow of John Slocum. They were married Nov.19 1868. Since the genealogies for both would be the same there marriage license or other info. would be of great value to me. - Kenny Smith

Smith - see Worrell

Temple - I am looking for info on William Temple, b 1842 PA. Maried Clara Paul in Union Co. Ohio. He and Clara were in Boneta Ks. in 1884: had the following children in the 1880 Johnson Co. census; Charles, b. 1870, David, b 1882, William b. 1876. He was the son of John Temple and Hannah Hollis and the brother of George, Joseph, James, William, Josephine and John Hollis Temple. Some or all of these people may have lived in Johnson Co. at one time. Any information will be greatly appreciated. - Joyce Hagerty

Thomas - Looking for information on Martha Ann THOMAS who married Thomas C. JOHNSON in Spencer, IN in 1849 and appears in DeSoto, Johnson Co. on the 1860 census. They had a daughter Mary who was born in 1855 and later married Homer ARTLIP in DeSoto, KS. At the end of the Civil War when the Johnson's neighbor, William Walker FRAMPTON, came home he found that his wife had left with T.C. Johnson. After obtaining divorces, Martha Ann married Mr. Frampton. Would like to correspond with anyone researching the THOMASes, JOHNSONs, ARTLIPs, or FRAMPTONs from DeSoto. Daniela Moneta Wed Aug 13 22:02:21 1997. Email updated Fri Jun 17 2011.

Thorne - Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas I am doing genealogy research on the Thorne and Gay families that have lived in the Gardner, Johnson Cty., Kansas area for a number of generations. Would appreciate any family information. - Robert L. Dyer

Tomlinson - see Davidson

Valyer - see Musselwhite

Van Hercke - see Jackson

Vinton - I am researching and trying to locate the surname VINTON. The person I am researching is Earl Dane Vinton, b. Nov.12,1883 in Stanley, Johnson, Kansas. Would anyone that has information on the VINTONS of this area please contact me. Bob Hunt Mon Aug 25 11:17:02 1997

Walker - see Earnshaw

Wheeler - Johnson County: Looking for any and All information on Nathan Stewart Wheeler born dec 17, 1847/8 in Cook Co. ILL. Was said to be a contractor and built buildings and roads in KC area. Moved to Mo ? died in Willow Springs Mo. Dec 8, 1929. Buried somewhere in Olatha Ks. would love to find out were. - Jane Wheeler

White - WHITE,William, Olathe, Johnson Co., KS c 1860-1880. William White (b 1805 Tn.) and his wife Nancy Bounds White (b 1817 Tn.) moved from Lafayette Co., Mo. to Olathe Kansas around 1860. Son David S. White married Sarah Godsey there in 1864. Son James B. White married Mary Williams in 1865. Trying to discover if William White died in Olathe before his wife and family moved to Colorado around 1880. Diane White Fri Jun 20 12:47:34 1997

Williams - see White

Wilson - Looking for a Paul Thomas Wilson, who was born in Desota Kansas between 1923-1926. Was married to a Hazel Marie Wood. Johnson County. Debbie Johnson Aug 21, 1997

Worrell - Were George H. Worrell and Gertie Orah Smith married in this county? If so, when? Also, looking for their children's birth dates. John Carter Oct 6, 1997

Wright - Information on Joann Stadler Wright: marriages length and to whom How marriages ended? Sandy Sun May 11 20:07:24 1997

Zeigler - see Hiddleston

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