Scarritt's Chapel Class 1867

Scarritt's Chapel, established in the late 1850s, was the first school outside of the Missions and became School District 1. The school was established under the Methodists, and the quarterly conference was held in June of 1859. Scarritt's Chapel was also known as Indian Creek Chapel and Methodist Church South.

Image donated by Carol Rollins, a descendent of Rev. Charles Boles, Methodist Minister who served as a circuit Minister to the area.
Transcribed by Linda K. Lewis, 7 Nov 2006.

1867 Scarritt's Chapel Class

1 Samuel T Rathburn
2 Martha A Rathburn
3 John Boyle
4 Catherine Boyle
5 Harriet Daily
6 Israel H Chadwick
7 Sarah Chadwick
8 Peggy Miner
9 Robert H Daily
10 Jane Daily
11 Mary E Donly
12 Lewis C McKowen
13 James N B McKowen
14 Delila G McKowen
15 Elizabeth McKowen
16 Marlley A Kaggus
17 Ann E Chadwick
18 Mary E Grandstaff
19 Mary A Tussy
20 Emiline McKowen
21 Thomas A Hinch
22 John R Baker
23 Jane Baker
24 Elizabeth Wyatt
25 Anna Clay
26 George Baily
27 Emily J Pully
28 James F Hinch
29 Matilda M Hinch
30 Thomas A Smith
31 Willard P McKowen
32 William T Baily
33 Rebecca M Baily
34 Ellen Donnelly
35 Amanda T Grandstaff

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