1907 Old Settlers

"The Olathe Semi-Centennial" - an article extracted from the April 12, 1907 issue of the Olathe Republican Tribune listing current residents who were also residents at the time of the founding of the town of Olathe.

Transcribed by Maureen K. Reed, May 1, 1997.

The Old Settlers Association is planning to have an important celebration this fall when fifty years will have elapsed since the town of Olathe was laid out and the first county offices were opened at the county seat then called Gum Springs, now known as Shawnee, on September 7th, 1857.  The following residents of Johnson county were here at that time:

     Olathe - Thos. Adair, Mrs. Caroline Alger, M. Ainsworth, Mrs. M. A. Bowen, L. H. Bancroft, Mrs. Sarah M. Bancroft, Wm. Bronaugh, A. G. Carpenter, Pat Cosgrove, Adam Clinkscale, J. W. Crooks, L. F. Crist, A. J. Clemmans, Chas. Dellahunt, Mrs. Chas. Dellahunt, John Ellis, John Elston, Elias Elston, Henry Fleek, Mrs. Rachel Fleek, Thos. Hamil, Benj. Hill, D. Hubbard, D. P. Hoagland, Mrs. Belle Julien, Mrs. Kate Kelly, Dick Lamasney, Mrs. Kate Luby, Jonathan Milligan, Mrs. Johnathan Milligan, Jiles Milhoan, Mrs. Belinda, Milhoan, J. B. Mahaffie, Wm. A. Mahaffie, E. J. McCreary, Johnson Mize, Henry Mize, C. M. Ott, Mrs. M. J. Ott, Mrs. Jessie T. Pellett, Mrs. Martha O'Roark, J. P. Russell, John Russell, Mrs. Julia Sutton, T. J. Witcher, Mrs. Martha Witcher, Geo. White, Mrs. Jennie White.
     Gardner - V. R. Ellis, Ben B. Francis, William J. Ott, George A. Thorne.
     Spring Hill - J. H. Berkshire, Mrs. Jennie Matthews, Wm. R. Rutter
     Edgerton - A. B. Dille, T. P. DeTarr, J. M. Morgan, Levi Rice
     Merriam - Perry G. Cross, Mrs. Perry G. Cross, T. J. Wilson
     Monticello - H. M. DuBois, Mrs. H. M. DuBois
     Prairie Center - Walter Pellett, Chas. Pellett
     Mission - Orville Nall, Mrs. Melvina Nall
     Wilder - Mrs. M. J. Wagner
     Shawnee - Mrs. Larsen
     Stilwell - H. G. McKee
     DeSoto - J. M. Hadley
     Aubrey - Chas. Case
     Oxford - W. J. Cook

Undoubtedly there are others in the county who have been in Kansas for fifty year, and they will confer a favor upon those in charge of affairs by sending their names to the ...


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