Roe Manor Garden Club, Mission, Kansas 1962

Submitted October 1999 by Mary E. Daily; transcribed by Teresa Lindquist from scans of the original.

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Roe Manor
    Garden Club

[picture of Mary Jane Swaney]

Mission, Kansas 1962

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Roe Manor Garden Club, out of love and respect, wish to dedicate
this yearbook to our oldest and most beloved member -- Mrs. Mary
Jane Swaney

Mrs. Swaney has been a member of Garden Club almost since its
inception and has always been and still is, one of our most
active members. Her gentle kindness, wit and lovely disposition
endears her to everyone she meets.

Knowing Mrs. Swaney is a privlege for which we are all very
thankful and this little tribute is but a small expression of the
love we all have for her.

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Father of all gardens, we thank Thee that in the long ago Thou
didst begin the world in a garden.  We thank Thee for the morning
and the singing of the birds; we thank Thee for the quiet and
peace of eventide and the blessing of sleep which comes from the
night.  As we rise in the morning to work in our gardens, grant
that the toil of our bodies may bring tranquility to our minds;
encourage us to lend a helping hand to the needy, to speak words
of sympathy to hearts that mourn.  For the fight of Thy Son who
suffered in a garden we thank Thee, and in His name we make this
prayer.  -- Amen

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Organized January -- 1955               Federated February  --

Member of Associated Garden Clubs of Kansas and National Council
of State Garden Clubs, Inc.

AIM -- The object of this club shall be to stimulate sociability
through the knowledge and love of gardening among amateur

MOTTO  --  To learn to grow

FLOWER  -- Peace Rose

COLORS  -- Pink and Yellow

MEETINGS  -- Second Monday of the month, 12:30 PM No meeting in
July and August.

Membership is by invitation and is limited to 25 active members
and 10 associate members.  A member must be interested in amateur
gardening and be a resident of North-East Johnson County.


Do all the good we can, by all the means we can,
     In all the ways we can,
In all the places we can, at all the times we can,
     As long as ever we can.

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President               Mrs. Rex B. Hoy
Vice-President          Mrs. W.C. Wainwright
Secretary               Mrs. J.C. Vance
Treasurer               Mrs. Richard Walker
Historian               Mrs. Wilbur Traver
Librarian               Mrs. Edwin Martin


Program:                Mrs. Fred Sharpe
                        Mrs. Uly S. Walker
                        Mrs. Rex B. Hoy

Telephone &             Mrs. William E. Cook
New Members             Mrs. Howard Salzman
                        Mrs. Mary Swaney

Year Book:              Mrs. W.C. Wainwright
                        Mrs. Fred Sharpe
                        Mrs. Uly S. Walker

Hospitality & Awards:   Mrs. Howard Salzman

Auditing                Mrs. Charles Ford
Ways & Means            Mrs. Thomas Batty

Publicity:              Mrs. Wilbur Traver

Therapy:                Mrs. Allison Post
                        Mrs. Wilbur Traver


Mrs. Charles Ford       1955
Mrs. Roy MacMurchy      1956
Mrs. W.C. Wainwright    1957
Mrs. Allison Post       1958
Mrs. Thomas Batty       1959
Mrs. Fred Sharpe        1960
Mrs. Uly S. Walker      1961

[page 6]


Mary Jane & Henry Haley Swaney
Married October 17, 1895


Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Swaney 1927

[page 7]

[collage of photographs of Mrs. Mary Swaney]

[page 8]

[collage of photographs of Mrs. Mary Swaney]

[page 9]


President                 Mrs. Charles B. Nettleton
                            PO Box 431, Covington, Virginia
First Vice-President      Mrs. J. Gordon Gose
                            7350 51st Ave, NE, Seattle 15, Wash.
Treasurer                 Mrs. Charles J. Sanders
                            4421 Shepard Pl. Nashville 5, Tenn.
Recording Secretary       Mrs. Chester Schomp
                            R.D. No. 3, Princeton, New Jersey
Corresponding Secretary   Mrs. Charles O. Dean
                            308 S. Deer Creek Dr., Leland, Miss.


President                 Mrs. W.E. Gibson
                            2216 Claflin Road, Manhattan, Kansas
1st Vice President        Mrs. Howard McKee
                            711 Church St., Neodesha, Kansas
2nd Vice President        Mrs. Howard Young
                            Box 143 -- Republic, Kansas
3rd Vice President        Mrs. Jack Osmer
                            930 W. Locust St., ElDorado, Kansas
Recording Secretary       Mrs. C. Allen Grant
                            5315 Rosewood St., Mission, Kansas
Treasurer                 Mrs. R.C. McCutcheon
                            817 S. Spruce St., Wichita, Kansas

This world that we're a livin' in
    Is might hard to beat;
You get a thorn with every rose,
    But ain't the roses sweet!

[page 10]


Civic__ A continuation of our plan to beautify the island located
at 57th and Linden Street, by planting new flowers or shrubs
where needed, taking care of ones already planted and keep grass
cut or see that it is done.

Therapy__ To be handled by a committee, who will report to the
club at least four times a year what Institutions or Homes need
our help, and in what way we can help.

Therapy__ Garden therapy is the conservation of Human Life.  Its
purpose is to give opportunity for the expression of personality,
to form an outlet for energy, to divert attention from self and
illness, to let the orphans know some one cares.

Our Therapy project is to be handled by a committee, who will
report at least four times a year, as to who we can help, and in
what way.

Dig a hole and set a plant
   And firmly press the sod;
Water it and cherish it,
   And leave the rest to God.

Nature reveals its most precious
   secrets in a garden of flowers.

[page 11]


January 8, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. Rex Hoy and Mrs. J.C. Vance
Roll Call: Best Meeting of 1961
Program: Plans for 1962 and Quiz

February 12, 1962
An Eat Out!
Roll Call: Favorite cold remedy
Program: Lincoln anecdote and poems

March 12, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. Fred Sharpe and Mrs. Mary Swaney
Roll Call: What I like about Mrs. Swaney
Program: Mrs. Swaney's Day
Show of the Month: Forced branches or plastic bouquet

April 9, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. Louella Batty and Mrs. Richard Walker
Roll Call: An April Fool trick or prank I remember
Program: Flower arranging -- Mrs. Garnett Cuddy
Show: Easter Arrangement

May 14, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. Thomas Batty and Mrs. Charles Ford
Roll Call: Favorite character in history
Show: May baskets
Program: Hats -- Lenore Bell

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to
put a soul into.

[page 12]

June 11, 1962 GUEST DAY
Picnic at Antioch Park
Roll Call: A special June you remember
Program: Picnic and recipe exchange
Show: Favorite covered dish


September 10, 1962

Hostesses: Mrs. Albert Fields and Mrs. Uly S. Walker
Roll Call: A fact about Kansas
Program: Col. Fields slides of Germany
Show: Native wild flowers and/or bird accessory

October 8, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. W.C. Wainwright and Mrs. William Cook
Roll Call: Birds or flowers in the Bible
Program: Dish Garden Workshop
Show: Dried flower arrangement

November 12, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs. A.M. Galbreath and Mrs. Wilbur Traver
Roll Call: One thing I am thankful for.
Program: Christmas decorations
Show: Autumn Harvest

December 10, 1962
Hostesses: Mrs Allison Post, Mrs. Howard Salzman
Program: Christmas Party and Installation of Officers
Roll Call: The Christmas gift I most enjoyed receiving or giving
Show: A Christmas Decoration

January 14, 1963
Hostesses: Mrs. Rex Hoy, Mrs. J.C. Vance
Roll Call: Best Show of 1962
Program: Quiz
Show: Favorite Houseplant or Arrangement
      (Use ingenuity -- we want something different)

[page 13]


Batty, Mrs. Louella                         Ra 2-1753
   5714 Cedar, Mission, Kansas
Batty, Mrs. Thomas (Merrilee)               Ni 8-7788
   8204 Linden, Pririe Village, Kansas
Cook, Mrs. William E. (Helen)               He 2-5730
   5522 Ash Drive, Mission, Kansas
Fields, Mrs. Albert (Bess)                  He 2-6309
   5716 Ash Drive, Mission, Kansas
Ford, Mrs. Charles (Reva)                   He 2-8419
   5715 Cedar, Mission, Kansas
Galbreath, Mrs. A.M. (Verena)               He 2-8368
   5717 Ash Drive, Mission, Kansas
Gerling, Mrs. Robert (Mavis)                Sk 1-4784**
   4904 Mohawk Dr., Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Hoy, Mrs. Rex (Lillian)                     He 2-9000
   4812 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kansas
MacMurchy, Mrs. Roy (Faye)                  He 2-1143**
   5711 Cedar, Mission, Kansas
Martin, Mrs. Edwin (Wilna)                  Ra 2-2859
   4931 W. 58th St., Mission, Kansas
Post, Mrs. Allison (Mable)                  He 2-1360
   4920 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kansas
Salzman, Mrs. Howard (Isabelle)             An 9-4680
   2406 W. 79th, Prairie Village, Kansas
Sharpe, Mrs. Fred (Violet)                  He 2-0920
   5801 Ash Drive, Mission, Kansas
Swaney, Mrs. Mary Jane                      He 2-2877
   5807 Ash Drive, Mission, Kansas
Traver, Mrs. Wilbur (Doris)                 Ra 2-2583
   4925 W. 58th St., Mission, Kansas
Vance, Mrs. J.C. (Cornelia)                 Ra 2-0189
   5011 W. 57th Terr., Mission, Kansas
Wainwright, Mrs. W.C. (Frances)             He 2-4099
   5707 Cedar St., Mission, Kansas
Walker, Mrs. Richard (Coralyn)              Ni 8-7099
   3224 W. 82nd Terr., Leawood, Kansas
Walker, Mrs. Uly S. (Clare)                 Ra 2-4253
   6015 Birch, Mission, Kansas
Zott, Mrs. Armin (Audrey)                   He 2-4025**
   5709 Cedar, Mission, Kansas  

(Associate members**)

Honorary member:
Mrs. Isabelle Roe
3608 W. 53rd St.
Shawnee-Mission, Kansas

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