WWII Honored Dead (1907)

World War II Casualties from Johnson county, Kansas World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Kansas. (NWCTM-407-WWIICASARMY-KS); data obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and transcribed by Ardie Grimes (c) 1998. This file contains a list of the men from Johnson county, Kansas that died while serving in the Army during World War II. Casualty codes are: KIA-Killed in Action; FOD-Finding of Death; DNB-Died, Not Battle; DOW-Died of Wounds; M-Missing. Due to the poorquality of the online record at NARA, some of the Army Serial numbers may not be correct.

NameSerial NumberGradeType of Casualty
Allen, Frank 37530608 SGT KIA
Bauer, Ferdinand 37227806 TEC 5 KIA
Beverly, John F. 37235063 PVT KIA
Beyer, Kenneth 0-703173 2 LT FOD
Boillot, Francis L. 37221098 PVT DNB
Bookout, Bert L. 01312475 1 LT KIA
Buchanan, Wayne W. 37524679 T SG KIA
Burgdorfer, Kenneth 17033782 PVT DNB
Caldwell, Lawrence W 37002318 TEC 5 FOD
Carter, John E. 37529867 PVT KIA
Clark, Alfred M. 37143463 PVT DNB
Cole, Osborne C. Jr. 37219620 PFC KIA
Cotner, Lester W. 37016204 PFC KIA
Couch, Merle G. 37001570 TEC 5 KIA
Cox, Janes G. 17125015 S SG KIA
Davidson, Chris O. 37002311 PFC DNB
De Maria, Jasper J. 37157894 SGT DNB
Diehl, Victor E. 37752885 PFC KIA
Eppler, Roger H. 37532130 PVT KIA
Fanning, William M. 37495952 PFC KIA
Frakes, Henry C. 37212845 PFC KIA
Fuqua, Robert L. 17044803 PFC DNB
Gordon, William F. S 37495954 S SG DNB
Graham, Delta C. Jr. 0-798281 1 LT KIA
Grazier, Leonard M. 37730204 PFC KIA
Gunn, Howard E. 6934627 TEC 5 FOD
Hayes, Raymond L. 6960223 PVT KIA
Hensley, John T. 01106814 CAPT DNB
Hiddleston, Ford O. 20726641 PFC KIA
Hites, Harold B. 17129255 T SG KIA
Hoyt, Andrew J. 0-725979 2 LT FOD
Janisch, Frank H. 0-749810 1 LT KIA
Jordan, Eugene C. 37526502 PFC KIA
Kadletz, John 37229842 PFC DNB
Lacy, Fred E. 17175146 TEC 4 KIA
Land, William G. 20726647 CPL DOW
Langdon, Lloyd M. 0-686860 2 LT FOD
Lea, Donald R. 37540264 S SG KIA
Loyd, Earl A. R. 6934559 T SG DNB
Mack, James D. 0-514567 2 LT KIA
McCluskey, Paul E. 0-816900 2 LT FOD
McKaig, Jay L. 37747291 PVT KIA
Meredith, Myron H. 0-680257 2 LT FOD
Miller, Henry J. Jr. 0-779936 2 LT KIA
Mitchell, Francis E. 17129805 SGT DNB
Moeller, Warren H. 02067741 1 LT M
Montgomery, P. H. 3r 0-708738 PVT DNB
Oshel, Leonard L. 37516517 PVT KIA
Patrick, Joe 37540363 PVT DOW
Perkins, Earl E. 37210061 S SG KIA
Pflumm, Andrew A. 37528710 PFC KIA
Piatt, Robert K. 37015690 PVT DNB
Piper, Kenneth R. 37616729 PFC KIA
Prinds, Marvin H. 01291002 1 LT DOW
Randall, Ralph E. 37512108 PVT KIA
Rieke, Chester V. 01296603 1 LT KIA
Smith, Raymond T. 01104399 1 LT KIA
Smith, Thomas E. 37540266 PVT KIA
Stevenin, Edward L. 37237016 PFC KIA
Stratman, Harold C. 37213457 S SG KIA
Swarner, William E. 17136219 CPL DNB
Swift, Dean E. 0-020549 COL DNB
Tinning, Jack 17115833 SGT FOD
Turner, Earl H. 37223095 PFC DNB
Van Doren, Robert F. 0-445579 2 LT KIA
Walker, Raymond J. 37242415 SGT FOD
Wilson, Cecil F. 17129252 S SG KIA
Wise, Paul T. 37157569 CPL DOW

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