The Honored Dead (1907)

"The Honored Dead - A List of Heroes Dead in Olathe Cemetery Whose Graves are Decorated", an article appearing in the May 31, 1907 issue of The Olathe Republican Tribune.

Transcribed by Maureen K. Reed, May 1, 1997

[To find your surname, use the "search" or "find" function on you browser. This list is mostly alphabetical but there are some out of place and there is also a small list of Confederate verterans at the end. - mkr]

"On their swords the red rust
On their graves the red roses
Like old hate turned to dust
On their swords the red rust
While love blooms as it must;
So this day dawn discloses
On their swords the red rust
On their grave the red roses.

Last year the list of those who slept in Olathe cemetery was published and we present it again this year.  It has grown since then it will be seen.  This list save one name was handed the writer [sic] by the late Col. Marquis, a short time ago, he saying that the Grand Army Post desired that it be again published.  We remarked, "Colonel, we will publish it in connection with the Decoration Day services and will keep the list until then and if any changes occur, please to let us know."  "I will," he remarked, little thinking that his honored name would be the ony change in the list.  He had written the names of Mr. William Martin, T. J. Hadley and A. Bowen at the bottom of this list and asked us to place the names where they belonged in alphabetical order.  We do so with his own name, which has so recently been added to this long list of heroic dead.  Following are the names of those whose graves are in the local cemetery and are so affectionately remembered on the sacred day:

Andrews, R. W.
Alger, Lewis
Asendorf, John
Anderson, John
Alger, Frank S.
Barnett, Andrew
Brandage, N. S.
Bunday, Josiah
Bentley, Joseph
Bowen, A.
Brundage, John
Brant, N. S.
Bodley, D.
Burnes, Henry
Ball, E. E., (Phil.)
Castleberry, Wm.
Carter, A.
Cook, Jacob
Corbitt, Thos. A.
Crane, S. A.
Cosgrove, John W.
Cook, J. B.
Cavanaugh, P. K.
Cope, W. H.
Canutt, J. A.
Dusher, Peter
Davis, W. B.
Daniels, M. W.
Dayhuff, G. W.
Deyo, Leonard
Dow, J. H.
Duncan, Maj. N. E.
Duwall, Benj. F.
Delno, J. C.
Dripps, Jas.
Dupleage, G. W.
Dennis, J. W.
Effinger, Robt.
Eyler, O. H.
Enyart, J. C.
Elliott, Zebulum
Ekengreen, C. W.
Egleston, Dr. J. Q.
Forest, D. D.
Freisner, Levi
Furgeson, P. S.
Ford, Harry
Freeman, R. P.
Griffin, Thomas
Gillfillan, J. E.
Galbreath, Samuel
Gockley, Peter
Granger, W.
Hadley, T. J.
Hyer, Frank
Huston, Jas.
Hogan, Simeon
Hawkins, J. D.
Hayes, Col. J. E.
Haworth, Maj. J. M.
Hancock, T. N.
Halderman, Dan
Henderson, J. A.
Hull, Wm.
Hutchins, W. E.
Hill, S. T.
Hewitt, Benj. F.
Hammond, James
Judy, John J.
Judy, Jas. B.
Jackson, Edward
Johnson, Lieut. Robt., Mexican War
Kirk, Joseph
Kirkpatrick, J. W.
Lemon, Fred L.
Lawson, John
Linn, John
Lawrence, Jas. J.
Martin, Wm.
Marquis, D. D.
McKaig, John F.
McNulty, C.
Murry, D. C.
Meeks, J. W.
McClenahan, Rev. J. V.
McKittrick, Rev. J. M.
Mackey, S. E., Capt.
Mabson, M.
McIntyre, M. C.
McCracken, S.
McCaughn, James
Moore, Capt. J. A.
Meekler, John C.
Maverty, W. M.
McCrea, J. W.
McIlwain, Wm.
Nichols, J. M.
Nelson, Andrew
Nichols, Levi
Norris, Thos. J.
Nelson, Alex.
Osman, G. M.
Pitts, J. W.
Price, T. J.
Phelps, Lieut. J.
Potter, A. G.
Pinkerton, L. R.
Potts, Lieut. W. E.
Pickett, J. H.
Pearson, Jacob
Pyle, Rev. H.
Paul, D. T.
Rollins, Chas.
Robinson, T. J.
Roberts, Lieut. G. H.
Rochester, Thomas
Rowley, Lieut. J. B.
Russell, Thos.
Skinner, Isaiah
Shaw, Arch
Sinclair, H. L.
Shriver, E. m.
Smith, J. V.
Stout, Rev. A. V.
Slaughter, Capt. T. S.
Spencer, A. M.
Sutton, Capt. F. S.
Stickney, L. H.
Shaw, Levi
Stevenson, G. B.
Smith, Arthur
Shaw, J. P.
Spratt, J. W.
Shaul, L. D.
Thavis, A. L.
Tracey, L. C.
Telford, Rev. J. C.
Thomas, J., War of 1812
Thomas, A. B.
Tibbetts, O. H.
Tuttle, Geo.
Wilcox, Mert. (Phil.)
Wiswell, T. L.
Wickham, J. W.
Wilson, A. S.
Woodward, Dr. J. B.
Wallace, W. W.
Wiggins, P. E.
Wheeler, G. W.
Wilson, C.
Wright, W. J.
Williamson, James
Wilson, Isaiah
Wiley, Js.
Woodward, Harry
Wilson, J. M.
Woolfley, Robt.
Welch, W. F.
Wright, B. F.

Pilcher, J. R. F.
Nelson, John M.

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