Marshall Ensor and Loretta Ensor

--from a brochure by the Ensor Farmsite & Museum

Marshall H. Ensor (1899-1970) Marshall, the only son of Jacob and Ida Ensor, lived his entire life on this farm. However, he earned his living as a public school teacher in Olathe. Marshall began teaching industrial arts in 1915 and except for a period during World War II, he taught at Olathe, High School until his retirement in 1965. Marshall and his sister were both very active in amateur radio and operated a ham radio station for fifty years. In 1940, Marshall received the Paley Award. Each year, William S. Paley, the president of CBS radio, would honor one ham radio operator. Ensor became Paley's third and last winner for his efforts in teaching code lessons over his station for ten years, and for helping more than 10,000 listeners become proficient operators. The radio transmitter is still in the farmhouse kitchen as it has been since 1937.

Loretta Ensor (1904-1991) Loretta was the only daughter of Ida and Jacob Ensor and lived in this house for eighty-three of her eighty-seven years. Loretta worked several years at the County Registrar's Office until a serious illness forced her to resign. When polio struck Jacob Ensor, Loretta took over tending the farm. Loretta has left her farm for those of us who come after, so that we might see how things used to be. Loretta was proud of her family and wants us to appreciate how they worked to enrich the lives and to contribute to their community.

The Ensor Farmsite & Museum is located at 18995 W. 183rd Street in Olathe, Kansas. It is open to the public Friday, Saturday & Sundays from June through Labor Day. Hours are 1p.m. - 5p.m.

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