Women who Registered under the 1887 Suffrage Law

Articles from The Johnson County Democrat listing the names of women who registered under the new suffrage law in 1887.

Transcribed by Maureen K. Reed, May 1, 1997

Mar 3, 1887

We publish below the names of all the women of Olathe, who have registered up to date under the new suffrage law.  Lest our motives be misconstrued we desire to say that we have been requested by several to do so as an item of news, among others some ladies.  The DEMOCRAT has never favored female suffrage, but recognizing the inevitable some time ago, now gracefully submits to the same, and is of the opinion that it would be much better to have out a full than a partial vote of the ladies, and to this end earnestly recommends that each and every woman, otherwise qualified, register as the law directs.

(The following names should all be prefixed "Mrs." except the last one - we are short of Ms.)

M. E. Blodgett, A. G. Chase, Ellen Krump, Mary Everett, P. B. Hulick, Emma J. Lord, Elizabeth McKeever, A. M. Park, C. H. Pickering, Amy Sprague, F. M. Taylor, Lydia Young, R. Ensey, E. Heaton, E. J. Parmeter, M. D. Cochran, B. A. Hodge, R. B. Murdock, F. C. Sylvis, Eliza H. Elston, E. Hoyt, L. B. Mageehan, M. A. Parker, H. Snelling, M. A. Burris, M. E. Cochran, M. D. Cochran, M. A. Forest, M. J. Hammond, B. A. Hodge, D. Q. Moll, L. C. H. Pilcher, Sarah A. Rudy, L. J. Bishop, E. H. Elston, Eveline Howland, Mariah Israel, M. B. Little, Ann McKinnis, R. A. McKinley, Mary D. Ogg, P. M. Pinkerton and Miss Lutie St. John.

March 10, 1887

The following names of ladies have been placed on the poll books in the City Clerk's office since our publication of last week:

E. C. Bishop, M. A. Carpenter, J. M. Curtis, Almira Caress, Ada A. Caress, Lydia Cashatt, C. G. Dent, U. S. Easdale, Carrie L .Fulton, S. P. Holcomb, Mollie Jones, A. L. Iles, A. R. Jewett, Ann Pangborn, Mary Stratton, E. J. Stevenson, M. C. Tillotson, A. E. Sawyer, M. J. Stewart, Miss. L. Stewart, L. Telford, Ruby Williams, E. A. Telford, G. J. Wilcox, E. W. Durkee, D. Highland, M. Hedrick, Olive White, P. Walker, S. C. Crandall, Mary E. Hulick, S. J. Hagerty, M. E. Hadley, Mary Horstman, H. V. hindman, H. H. Lovell, M. L. McClanahan. E. E. McGannon, L. B . Perkins, H. S. Ross, M. E. Walker, M. R. Welch, L. A. Wolfley.

March 17, 1887

The following names of ladies have been placed on the poll books in the City Clerk's office since our publication last week:

M. F. Anderton, E. U. Black, Frances R. Beach, M. E. Bachman, E. F. Beach, Cora E. Bernard, M. E. Bushong, S. J. Bonnell, C. E. Clark, Laura Couch, S. G. DuBoise, N. R. Hamilton, M. Jewell, A. M. Justice, R. J. Kelly, L. Keeler, H. Maltby, J. M. Maltby, M. E. Miller, J. McMillian, E. N. McFarland, E. W. Parker, H. E. Pyle, Jennie Phillips, L. E. Pettyjohn, S. E. Rogers, Mary m. Riley, Carrie Reynolds, Ida Redinger, m. L. Slaughter, Lucia Smith, M. Smart, M. J. Shaul, A. G. Vincent, Belle Walker, A. E. Amos, Emma Border, E. C. Brickell, C. Gromwell, B. J. Castleman, S. A. Dearborn, Carrie Harris, M. J. Hammond, E. J. Hackett, A. P. Linderman, Jessie Pellett, Kate Shaw, G. C. Stevenson, S. E. Welker, A. M. Carter, Minnie Fisher, H. M. Hull, Alice Aaverty, A. Harrison, E. J. Isreal, M. C. Lanter, Emma Lorimer, F. A. McKinley, M. C. McKinley, F. O. Reynolds, S. A. Renrick, P. H. Reynolds, K. E. Scallon, H. H. Taylor, R. H. Walker, S. J. Wilson.

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