1859 Republican and Democrat County Tickets

An article appearing in the Johnson County Democrat, July 19, 1883, listing the 1859 Republican and Democrat county tickets.

Transcribed by Maureen K. Reed, May 1, 1997

The following is the first Republican county ticket ever nominated in Johnson county, the election being held in November, 1859: For Representatives, Col. J. E. Hayes of Olathe, and Dr. Scott of Shawnee; County Treasurer, Elias Mason of Lexington; County Clerk, J. M. Hadley, of Monticello; Sheriff, Jos. Gamble, of Shawnee; Register of Deeds, B. P. Noteman, of Olathe; Supt. of Public Instruction, C. Storrs; County Attorney, William Holmes, of Shawnee.  The canvass was lively, but the Democrats won by a nice majority, with the following ticket: Representatives, L. S. Cornwall of Olathe, and Chas. Simms of Spring Hill; Treasurer, A. B. Squires; County Clerk, S. B. Myrick; Register of Deeds, J. H. Blake; Sheriff, Pat Cosgrove; County Attorney G. M. Waugh; Probate Judge, E. S. Wilkinson; County Supt. - Slaughter.

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