Submitted by Teresa Lindquist, 1999.

Following the onset of hostilities during World War I, non-naturalized "Enemy Aliens" by definition, were required to register with United States authorities as a national security measure. Under the provisions of a Presidential Proclamation of April 6, 1917, non-naturalized female aliens were likewise registered as an additional national security measure that included those women of American birth that were married to enemy aliens. For the State of Kansas the registered aliens represent a broad cross-section of the German-born population of the State. The series contains original affidavits of registration that record personal information about each registrant, their photograph affixed to the majority of documents, and the registrants fingerprints.

This information was obtained using a NAIL search at the website of the National Archives and Record Administration. Copies of the original affidavits are available from NARA; for instructions on how to obtain these, please visit their website.

Last NameFirst NameCityGenderCountry Of OriginCity Of OriginMaiden NameDate Of Birth
Ahlenstorf Edna Olathe Female United States Kansas Graham 07/05/1887
Ahlenstorf Fred Olathe Male Germany Hanover   04/05/1878
Bakopske Minnie Gardner Female Germany Prussia Penner 06/21/1862
Barkopske Frederick Gardner Male Germany Althuf   05/16/1862
Basler Gottlieb Mercer Male Germany Nabern   03/20/1893
Blume Anna Lenexa Female Germany Hanover Kastens 08/25/1856
Bookhaus Minnie Lenexa Female Germany Houstenbeck Ritchemeier 04/03/1852
Brunner Fritz Lenexa Male Germany Lorrach   07/14/1850
Busch Adaline Olathe Female Germany Hanover Klusman 02/18/1850
Busch Caspar Olathe Male Germany Hanover   03/03/1844
Eberline Regina Olathe Female Germany Laisbron Fahner 01/22/1843
Eckert Bettie Olathe Female Germany Berlin Kant 02/28/1892
Eckert Paul Zarah Male Germany Thisenovt   09/18/1879
Geiringer Joseph Zarah Male Germany Baden   04/25/1856
Hartfelder Emma DeSoto Female Germany Berlin Hopa 11/02/1865
Huber August Mercer Male Germany Baden   07/16/1887
Kastens Maggie Olathe Female Germany Emtinghausen Brinkhoff 02/27/1868
Klusman J.H. Lenexa Male Germany Unknown   11/08/1855
Klusman Mary Lenexa Female United States Ohio Pundt 11/27/1866
Knief Margaret Lenexa Female Germany Hanover Knief 04/07/1856
Koenen Gerhart Zarah Male Germany Gooh   02/06/1861
Kreutzer Anna Shawnee Female Germany Bavaria Baier 10/08/1869
Krumm Mary Lenexa Female Germany Lorraine Wingler 12/21/1847
Kunde Ferdinand Zarah Male Germany Gollendord   05/09/1868
Maas Emil Gardner Male Germany Lencen   10/02/1874
Maas Hermine Gardner Female Germany Terrehne Baumann 11/10/1878
Meyer Jane Lenexa Female Germany Soustadt Bruning 11/14/1857
Oehlert Emma Stilwell Female Germany Unknown Eehlert 08/01/1874
Oehlert John Stilwell Male Germany Unknown   05/18/1872
Oehlert Mary DeSoto Female Germany Schleswig Knutzen 12/31/1845
Prochnow Nannie Edgerton Female Germany Neuschenwald Boeck 05/24/1841
Rimann Curt Mercer Male Germany Posen   08/01/1873
Ross August DeSoto Male Germany Schlwig   05/11/1861
Ross Lena DeSoto Female United States Missouri Deister 08/07/1864
Rushkewitz Anton Mercer Male Germany Posen   09/11/1874
Schmidt Amalia Olathe Female United States Kansas Weber 04/17/1872
Schmidt Rudolph Zarah Male Germany Saxon   10/27/1861
Schumacher Anna Olathe Female Germany Saulton Baden 08/21/1879
Schumacher Henry Zarah Male Germany Bremen   06/07/1872
Schumacher Margaret Lenexa Female Germany Hanover Schumacher 10/03/1858
Schwarz August DeSoto Male Germany Taaberu   09/02/1876
Schwarz Bruno DeSoto Male Germany Elbing   03/23/1903
Schwarz Henrietta DeSoto Female Germany Gernberg Scwarz 04/20/1878
Schwarz Mattie DeSoto Female Germany Elbing Schwarz 01/27/1902
Sholl Nannie Edgerton Female United States Missouri Willyard 06/08/1864
Stern Christine Gardner Female Germany Nedeorke Raupt 09/14/1839
Voigts Doris Merriam Female Germany Hanover Meyer 03/22/1856
Vollmer Emil Overland Park Male Germany Hanover   10/30/1857
Vollmer Willelmine Overland Park Female United States Kansas Koeple 01/29/1861
Wagner August Zarah Male Germany Mesendorf   03/08/1865
Wagner Emma Gardner Female Poland Unknown Loren 12/31/1886
Wagner Freda Lenexa Female Germany Kinigoesch Unger 11/01/1874
Wagner Herman Gardner Male Germany Wurtenburg   08/30/1882
Walters Maggie Lenexa Female Germany Emting Klusman 02/13/1853
Weber Helena Olathe Female Germany Unknown Henerichs 01/18/1863
Woldt Carl Spring Hill Male Germany Eschenriege   11/26/1868
Woldt Christina Spring Hill Female Germany Wurtenburg Loercher 05/10/1868
Wutschka Julia Olathe Female Germany Hafberg Friedlieb 02/07/1840
Zarda Frank Mercer Male Germany Passan   07/01/1853
Zarda Joseph Mercer Male Germany Passan   07/11/1892
Zarda Paulina Merriam Female Germany Bavaria Zarda 09/09/1899
Zenner John Stilwell Male Germany Flensburg   03/12/1888
Zenner Martha Stilwell Female Germany Holstein Unknown 10/09/1890