Unknown Cemetery (Lost)

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Lost Cemetery

NE quarter of NW quarter of Section 14, Township 13S, Range 21E

Little is known about this lost cemetery in Lexington Township southeast of 111th and the Douglas County line. The only evidence of its existance is on two historic Johnson County atlases. The cemetery was not recorded in deed records.

J. Friederich Femmer and wife Henrietta Heidbrier Femmer started a family on this land. They appear on the 1865 Johnson Co KS State Census with 2 young children born in Kansas, the youngest born in 1862. On the 1875 Johnson Co KS State Census they are listed with 6 children. From family trees there is an indication of 2 children, one born in 1868, and one born in 1876, that did not live long. In 1880 this Femmer family was enumerated on the Montgomery Co MO Federal Census.

Research is on-going for this cemetery. If you can verify or provide document for the Femmer children please contact me.

1874 Atlas, Johnson County, KS, Lexington Township, pg. 94 ( J F Femmer )

Cemetery marked on J F Fenner property in 1874

1886 Atlas, Johnson County, KS, Lexington Township ( Peter Neice Jr )

Cemetery marked on Peter Neice property in 1886

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