Shawnee Indian Cemetery

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Plaque that was at Shawnee Indian Cemetery

10905 59th Terrace
Shawnee, KS

GPS Location
39° 01' 16" N, 94° 42' 54" W
39.021, -94.715

Legal Location
Section 11, Township 12S, Range 24E

About the Cemetery 

The cemetery, in the care of the Kansas State Historical Society for decades, is currently owned by the Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society. A plaque was added to the cemetery that states In Memory of our Pioneers by the Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society 1934 that has recently been removed. Many pieces of head and foot stones are set into a concrete slab near this marker. According to research provided by Gail Chamberlin, "Approximately 14 pieces of headstones are embedded in a concrete slab. They are (supposedly) from the Shawnee Quaker Mission Cemetery which was located about 1 1/2 miles to the east on 61st & Hadley (near the current day DAR marker.) The headstones (no bodies) were moved because they were disappearing.

Shawnee Indian Cemetery


Photographed by Linda K Lewis, 2005.
Transcribed by Maureen Reed, 21 Nov 2005.
This is a complete transcription by reading and photographing the gravestones. Additional information was added with permission from a previous transcription by Maureen Reed in 2000.
Keys: s/w = same stone with, * = No stone, Maureen Reed index, 2001.

??, ??; C P, Footstone
??, ??; d. 11 Nov 1855, Aged 20 m 21 d, Broken
??, ??; Stone missing
??, ??; Stone missing
??, ??; Stone missing
??, ??; Stone missing
??, ??; d. 21 Dec 1863, *
Allen, Walter Ernest; d. 12 Mar 1875, Aged 1 y 4 m 3 d, Broken
Baldwin, William; d. 27 Aug 1869, Aged 41 y 1 m, Son of Isaac Baldwin, Broken
Bluejacket, Julia Ann; d. 02 Feb 1865, Aged 1 y 6 m 27 d, Dau of C and J A Bluejacket, Footstone J A B, Broken
Bluejacket, Julia Ann; d. 11 Jul 1870, Aged 50 y
Bluejacket, Robert; b. 04 Jan 1840, d. 25 Mar 1858, Broken
Bluejacket, Robert; b. 07 Jul 1862, d. 22 Nov 1866, Son of D and ? Bluejacket, Broken
Booth, ??; d. 05 Jan 1860, Aged 2 y, *
Booth, Sallie; d. 11 Jan 1865, *
Donelson, Charles; Aged 5 y, Broken
Jessup, Alexander; d. 31 May 1876, Broken
Kirby, Asenath C; d. Nov 1855, Broken
Mendenhall, H M; d. 15 Jun 18??, Aged 21 y 3 m ? d, Broken
Mendenhall, R; Broken footstone
Painter, Margaret F; d. 17 Feb 186?, Aged 49 y, Wife of David Painter, Broken
Parks, Catherine; d. 11 Oct 1858, Aged 5? y, Wife of Joseph Parks
Parks, Joseph; d. 03 Apr 1853, Aged 65 y, Footstone J P
Parks, Nancy; b. 15 Sep 1831, Aged 6 y, Daughter of J and C Parks
Randall, James S; d. 12 Aug 1865, Aged 1 y
Silverheels, Chas; b. 20 Sep 1844, d. 05 Apr 1864

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