Resurrection Catholic Cemetery (Unknown)

This is an archived index from the Digital Cemetery. See the Digital Cemetery for searchable photo-index and updated entries.

Transcribed by Don Alexander, Judy Harned, Tom Harned, Kay Hoefer, Loretta Hower, David Kennedy, David LaCrone, Linda K Lewis, Dave Maze, Wilbur McHenry, Billie Murray, Carol Rollins, Kathy Ross, 31 May 2009.
Photographed by Linda K Lewis and Bruce Smykowski, 2009.
This is a complete transcription by reading and photographing the gravestones. Includes mausoleum exteriors. Mausoleum interiors are excluded. Mausoleum row numbering begins at ground level. Block indicates the side of mausoleum.

Ascension rows SE and NE are the extended points on the east side. Ascension row 1 is the first full row on the east side.

Keys: s/w = same stone with


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??, ??; Asian language, Section Assumption, Row 24
??, ??; blank, Section Charity LC, Row 2
??, ??; blank, Section Charity LC, Row 2
??, ??; Blank Stone New, Section Hope LC, Row 5
??, ??; Bench Donated By Brull Lawn Service Inc Mark Cindy Mark and Evan, Section Infant, Row 8
??, ??; Flowers on unmarked grave, Section Infant, Row 13
??, ??; blank, Section Veteran Gdn, Row 5
??, ??; blank, Section Veteran Gdn, Row 6
??, ??; Blank marker, Section Hope LC II, Row 2
??, ??; Unmarked grave, Section Hope LC II, Row 4
??, ??; b. 18 Oct 1962, d. 30 May 2002, Robin, Section Ascension, Row 8
??, Edward W; b. 17 Mar 1936, Basham Hammer Gross monument, Section Faith Gdn, Row 15

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