Four Corners (Mount Pleasant) Cemetery, est. 1879

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Cemetery Sign in dense tree growth

16401 Four Corners Rd
Gardner, KS
McCamish Twp

GPS Location
38° 49' 53" N, 94° 58' 22" W
38.8314, -94.9728

Legal Location
Section 16, Township 14S, Range 22E

About the Cemetery

The sign, barely viewable on the western edge of an island of dense tree growth, reads Mount Pleasant "Four Corners" Burying Grounds Est. 1879. Mount Pleasant was an early community that later was known by the Four Corners at its heart. Two acres of land for this cemetery was given to the Mount Pleasant Burying Ground and Meeting House. The Christian Church Meeting House was located on one of the Four Corners about .5 miles south of the cemetery.

According to the plat books and deeds, the cemetery land was first patented from the State of Kansas to JF and CO Ridlon. JF and CO Ridlon deeded 2 acres to the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association.

During my exploration of this cemetery, I found 8 obvious stones, and 9 indications of graves where the stone is now broken, missing, or almost completely buried. The cemetery is now completely covered in dense new tree growth and almost completely destroyed.

Small marker in dense growth


Photographed and transcribed by Linda K. Lewis, 29 Oct 2005. This is a complete transcription by reading and photographing the gravestones. This transcription has been supplimented with a transcription by Harold and Carol Wagner from the early 1970s, provided by Johnson County, as the stones are now missing, broken, or otherwise unidentifiable.

Keys: # = Index from the early 1970s

Caldez, Daisy; d. 11 Jul 1877, Dau of W and N R, #
Caldez, Forbes; d. 10 Aug 1879, Son of W and N R, #
Davenport, William H; b. 07 Aug 1873, d. 06 Aug 1874, Son of J and A Davenport, Toppled Footstone D W H
Easdale, Curtis E; d. 20 Jul 1870, Aged 4 y 15 d, Son of B and R Easdale, #
Easdale, Jennie; d. 19 Jul 1870, Aged 2 y 2 m 1 d, Dau of B and R Easdale, #
Easdale, Lettie A; d. 01 May 1886, Aged 45 y 4 m 6 d, Wife of Wm Easdale, #
Easdale, Nancy J; d. 15 Apr 1891, Aged 22 y 5 m 13 d
Easdale, William; b. 07 Feb 1826, d. 31 Jan 1908, Toppled
Groves, M A; d. Feb 1858, Wife of G W Grove; Footstone M A G, Footstone laid under tree 2005 #
Hale, Louis W; b. 24 Apr 1869, d. 26 Sep 1872, Son of B A and B, #
Hale, Olive B; d. 18 Dec 1882, Aged 32 y 3 m 15 d, Wife of B A Hale, #
Ridlon, Ida Mae; d. 25 Apr 1882, Aged 7 y 11 m 16 d, Dau of J F and R, #
Smith, Frederick S; d. 13 Oct 1859, Aged 33 y 4 m 20 d, #
Smith, Oscar F; d. 19 Jan 1884, Son of Saml and Martha, #
Tewksbury, William B; b. 04 Sep 1808, d. 31 Jan 1893
Whetstone, Elizabeth A; b. 13 Apr 1842, d. 22 Aug 1887, Wife of M Whetstone, Footstone E A W, Obit
Whetstone, George H; d. 14 Mar 1879, Aged 2 y 2 m 14 d, Son of M and E A Whetstone
Whetstone, Infant; b. 08 Feb 1893, d. 11 Feb 1893, Dau of M and J Whetstone

Small buried stone in Four Corners Cemetery

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