Edgerton Cemetery (Unknown)

This is an archived index from the Digital Cemetery. See the Digital Cemetery for searchable photo-index and updated entries.

Photographed by: Linda K Lewis, 2007.
Transcribed by: Kim Baker, 10 Mar 2007.
This is a complete transcription by reading and photographing the gravestones. Several names appear in the Johnson County Cemetery Index that correlate to partially weathered stones, however there is not enough evidence or stone remains to tie the rest. Those names, as well as the unidentifiable stones, are included in this transcription.

Keys: s/w = same stone with, * = From 1970s Cemetery Index, no stone, # = Supplemented from 1970s Cemetery Index


[A-D] [E-K] [L-R] [S-Z] [Unknown]

??, ??; Known Only to God, Section East, Row 01
??, ??; Section South, Row 17
??, ??; Base Only, Section East, Row 07
??, ??; Father, Near Studebaker stone, Section East, Row 07
??, ??; Mother, Near Studebaker stone, Section East, Row 07
??, ??; Stone broken and laying face down, Section East, Row 09
??, ??; Eroded and covered with lichens, Section East, Row 11
??, ??; Base of stone only, Section Middle, Row 02
??, ??; Base only, no stone, Section Middle, Row 06
??, ??; Base only, no stone, Section Middle, Row 07

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